Tell your story and share your vision with original

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Tell your story 

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Animated Video Projects

Animated Video Projects

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Explainer videos

Tell your story with an animated explainer video which is crafted specifically to capture your audience. 

Educational videos

Teach your audience with a dynamic series of visual tutorials which entertain while they educate.

Animated video series

Produce a series of videos with a cohesive story and consistent message throughout each episode.

Product Demos

Showcase the benefits of your product with a marketing animation tutorial and show how it works step by step.

Social media

Broadcast your visual identity with illustrated graphics that stand out in social media feeds.

TV Commercials

Stand out from the crowd with an animated commercial video that engages and raises brand awareness.

Internal Videos

Transform the way you communicate with your staff through animated videos that inspire and inform.

Infographics & Diagrams

Engage your audience through animated diagrams and infographics to bring your presentations to life.

How it works

Each project is unique but we follow a four part process to ensure you get the best result out of your investment; 

1. Project discovery

We begin the process with research and development of your project concept, sourcing resources, establishing video direction and creative influences that best appeals to your target audience.

2. Script

Now we understand your goals and target audience , we develop a script which tells your story in an clear compelling way.

3. Storyboard & Style Frames

With a completed script, we now develop a sketched storyboard which maps of the scenes and motion for your video. We also develop some style frames which illustrate the visual direction for the characters and backgrounds.


4. Illustrated Graphics 

Our team develops the illustrations for each scene and shares a working copy for your feedback.

5. Production 

Finally,  our creative team animates the graphics, adds a voice over, background music and bring your video project to life

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