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We work with non profit organisations to build creative videos & digital assets that has an impact on your audience and raises awareness about your cause.

Animation & design for

non-profit & NGOs

Non Profit Animated Projects

Non Profit Animated Projects

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Fundraising Campaign Videos

Engage your audience with beautiful presentations and informative infographics which illustrate your story with style.

Sharing Success Stories 

Share your progress with engaging storytelling that goes right to the heart of your audience 

PSAs & Educational Videos

Use video to provide greater exposure for sponsors and broadcast important annoncements 

Donor Recognition & Support

Showcase the benefits of your product with a marketing animation tutorial and illustrate how it works step by step.

Social media

Broadcast your visual identity with illustrated graphics that stand out in social media feeds.

Commercial Ads

Stand out from the crowd with an animated commercial video that engages and raises cause awareness.

Internal Videos

Transform the way you communicate with your staff through animated videos that inspire and inform.

Infographics & Diagrams

Engage your audience through animated diagrams and infographics to bring your presentations to life.

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Culture proofing specialists

 The best way to ensure your video will have impact is to support every design decision with research. We are dedicated to understanding your  message and conduct in depth cultural research and reporting to ensure your content reaches the desired audience. 

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Success Stories

Our most recent video series on consent which was commissioned by Rizeup Australia has been featured on the morning show.