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Storybooq specialises in Animation, Scriptwriting, Digital Design & Video Production

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Recent Projects

Recent Projects

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Why choose Storybooq?

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Storytelling through design

The most memorable design projects are defined by authenticity. Our design methodology is based on telling your story through original design.

We work with your budget

All projects are priced based on a scalable price model. We map out your project so you stay within budget and get exactly what you pay for with no surprises.

Personal & Reliable

You’ll have a dedicated account manager.No hand-holding required, so you can become as much - or as little - involved with the process as your diary allows.

Research driven creative

We are dedicated to understanding the market we’re helping to grow and are always in the forefront of new trends so you get the best outcome from your investment.

We love different styles

We love to adapt to a style one of our clients has seen. We’ve worked in various styles from 2D graphics, line drawn and sketch through to 3D and image based.

A worldwide service

Storybooq has worked with businesses from 10 countries worldwide. We’ve been able to do this efficiently by working with our client project management system.

Our Work

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Hepatitis B guide
LGBTIQ+ Membership Video
Engineers without Borders Animation
The Garvan Institute
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